Get Involved in the Rescue

GIVE FOOD                     

There is NO liability when given to a non-profit because protection is provided through the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act.  In 2018, Aloha Harvest rescued over 1,244,105 pounds of food! See how you can be part of the solution, here.



It takes money to keep Aloha Harvest running, getting food from where there is extra to where it is needed. Every dollar helps! Learn more about how you can make a monetary donation here.


GIVE TIME                

Aloha Harvest is operated by a small qualified group and extra hands are always needed. Get a chance to ride along on our trucks or help in the office and at our special events. We are always looking for volunteers to help do clerical work in the office. Turn in an application and let us know where you want to help out.


Aloha Harvest is a non-profit organization that rescues quality, donated food and delivers it free of charge to social service agencies feeding the hungry of Hawai`i.



pounds of food has been rescued

since November 1999!


What's new

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Volunteers are always needed to help man the Aloha Harvest table at both Farmers' Markets.